7 Tips To Be More Confident In The Gym

Don’t be the one everybody dislikes at the gym, and please don’t get yourself killed. I have put together 7 tips on gym etiquette to help you become more confident and avoid some of the most popular mistakes made by gym goers.

1. Respect the no-lift zone

Don’t ever train with a weight within 5 feet of the dumbbell rack or another person. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing shoulder press, split squat, biceps curls, or goblet squats or anything else.

Pick up your weights and take 5 giant steps away. If you are too close you are blocking others from accessing the equipment. Plus if somebody does push past you to get what they want they will either disrupt your training or brush off you and possibly causing an injury.

2. Avoid the “Ab zone” (unless you are doing abs)

Most gyms have a designated area for mats, balls, bosu balls etc. Don’t bring heavyweights into that area. It’s designated for stretching and ab work. By taking up their space you force them to take up your space (see the next point).

3. Keep your mats out of the way.

Don’t set up a mat in between two benches in the free weight zone and do crunches unless you want a weight dropped on your head. That would be very sore and the pain isn’t good pain like DOMS lol.

Even if the gym is empty set up your mat out of the way. Either stick to the “ab zone” or place your mat in a corner out of the way. Think proactively.  Where might somebody want to work out over the course of your set? Don’t set up there.

4. Avoid walking in front of somebody else in the middle of a set.

If somebody is in the middle of their set NEVER cross their field of vision.  Take a long way around if you have to. If you can’t take a long way around, wait for them to finish their set before walking in front. Its just polite.

5. Put your weights back.

 Nobody wants a messy gym where we can’t find anything plus you’ll burn more calories doing so. Yeah pumped.

6. Sharing is caring.

When using the equipment if you have a long rest time, let someone use it while you rest,  if they are nice haha most people are too shy to ask so be open and friendly. This works both ways if you need to do a set on something and someone is on it ask can you jump in with them be nice and make a new gym buddy.

7. Use a sweat towel.

It’s just not nice to jump on a machine or bench and sit on a pool of sweat. So remember to bring a towel and use it when you are finished with the equipment. If you forget to bring one like we all do. Just grab a load of tissue from the bathroom and keep it in your pocket.


Don’t be scared to forget some of these just try your best to do most. Everybody make mistakes it’s all good. Next time you go to the gym try to keep these 7 tips in mind.


Good luck your gonna smash this year at the gym.


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