5 Key Habits Of Healthy People


When it comes to being healthy it’s all a combination of small simple daily habits. Everyone has habits even the most disorganised people. Top psychologists say that habits come in 3 stages.

The trigger- Something that reminds you to do a certain action

The action- The behaviour you do after the trigger

The outcome- The pleasurable outcome of the behaviour.

For example: When you wake up from hearing your alarm that is your trigger, to make you do the action of getting up and starting your day, giving you’re the pleasure of living or seeing what your day has to offer.

The problem is that most of the time the human brain wants to be safe, comfortable and seek easy pleasures all the time. So, the human brain will do its absolute best to do this, even if it damages your health in the long-term, for example, eating cake for breakfast or ordering takeaway pizza every day.


So, the best way to set new healthy habits is to join them up with current habits. Why? for adults, it is extremely hard to form new habits or get rid of old ones. The neuropathways are set very deeply into your brain. The best way is to replace and bump away bad habits with good ones by getting rid of triggers as best you can or add-on habits to a current daily habit like after you brush your teeth at night make it your business to put your gym bag in the front seat of your car.

For example: If you eat a bar of chocolate at night don’t buy it or have a replacement like smaller frozen dark chocolates in the freezer or brush your teeth after dinner so you are disrupting the old habit you have had, because who wants to eat after brushing their teeth at night.

Making your gym bag before bed time and leaving it in the front seat of your car. Do this enough times, say 21 times, it will soon be a habit that gives you pleasure.

Seeing the bag in your car triggers the action of actually going the gym then the pleasure and endorphins of training will set a habit for you branching it off of the current habit of brushing your teeth the night before


The Healthy Habits

  1. After brushing your teeth in the morning drink 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar with water at room temperature. This will get the juices flowing in your stomach and kick-start your metabolism. This also helps with your gut health, improving your ability to absorb nutrients from food better .Then having a high protein, high-fat breakfast with no processed carbs will help you stay lean and healthy.



  1. Put all electronics including phones outside of the bedroom at night and wind down 1 hour before bed by reading a book or writing a few sentences of gratitude for the day you have had, example- grateful for a home, food and family etc? This will keep you social and be living in the real world not wasting life on social media. Plus, you get much better-quality sleep.


  1. When you go shopping make sure you have had a good meal and make a shopping list to what you plan on eating for the week. You don’t want to be starving while walking past the cream cakes now do you. We all know what happens there.


  1. Eat at the dinner table with family and make it a social celebration of life and communication. Don’t just stuff your face in the sitting room alone watching cartoons on TV that’s only ok for teenagers in puberty.


  1. When possible don’t use the car. Walk to your friend’s house, shopping market or work if its local enough. If you use public transport get off a stop or 2 before reaching your destination. If you want to be really cool, cycle to work if it’s too far to walk. This will all add up to a few more calories burned but more importantly increase your life expectancy, and help the planet.










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