Well, That Was Waste Of Time

What am I talking about?

Diets! weight watchers, calorie counting, bulking, cutting, slimming world, fasting, clean eating and IIFYM (if-it-fits-your-macros) they are all a waste of time if you want a healthy longterm solution to a fit lean body and I am unhappy to say I found out the hard way. I have yoyo dieted tried almost everything to get lean and in shape for good and nothing worked. Yeah, I got a result (although some diets were too overwhelming for me to do for more than 2 weeks), as soon as I went out and enjoyed myself or stopped following the religious diet I very quickly went back to being not so lean and out of shape. Yeah, it’s obvious it would happen but I didn’t think It would so bloody quick.

I Have Some Good News Though

I found what actually works long term for a lean, healthy and in shape body that is actually sustainable.

Habit-Based Nutrition

Is the best way by far for long-term sustainable results and is what I recommend and coach my clients on. WHY? well, habits make up our lives from brushing our teeth to driving our cars they are all habits instinctively performed each day without effort or thought. Imagine being able to say the same about eating a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifetsyle. Now, let’s look back at the other forms of diet you may have done or seen in the past. They have you banish the processed foods and sweets from your home and eat their way straight away not to mention the products you may have to buy. Have you ever not hit a goal or result and just gave up because you were overwhelmed? You most likely had too much information to get through or tried to do too much at once. If this is you, I would like to share an amazingly powerful principle with you, one that will increase your chances of success and not just a small bit.

If you use the strategies here, your chances will go through the roof from less than 35% to more than 80%. That’s the difference between “maybe this will work” and “this is totally going happen.” This is the game changer and you know why it’s not everywhere or you haven’t heard of it before. It’s because it’s too simple and it’s not marketable to sell to you and make money. The main reason why all of these flashy diets you see on the market are still around is that they are still the same people coming back for more and more because they keep yo-yo dieting getting a result quickly if they stick to the strict yet sometimes overwhelming plan and then not being able to hold onto it, shortly reverting back into the same old eating habits that got them fat and out of shape to start with. Habit-based coaching works for to the long-term meaning you don’t have to come back for more. Its a slow and steady wins the race kind of strategy that works.

Focusing on less helps you achieve more.

For habit based nutritional change you need the commitment to one habit change every 2 weeks if you try do 2 or more you dramatically reduce your chances of staying on track and end up not sticking with it or not mastering any one habit change. You only move on once you are confident in your new habit and if not just continue until you do. It’s best to start off easy and gradually get more difficult as you go.


Here are some good habits to try for a lean and toned body…

  • Eat slowly count 60 chews a bite.
  • Stop eating when your 80% full.
  • Build a sleep ritual by reading 1 hour before bed with dimed lights.
  • Drink 1 glass of warm water with lemon with each meal.
  • Have 1 serving of protein each meal.
  • Get in 5 servings of fruit or vegetables each day.
  • Walk for 20 minutes each morning.
  • Eat only whole foods for 1 week straight.
  • Write a sentence of gratitude in your journal before bed every day.

To have the best success with this you need to keep yourself accountable by having someone check on you. If you don’t have someone you can declare your goals to the world on social media and keep them updated as you go. Our habit based coaching programs are designed just for you, your needs and goals. Get in touch if you want help today.


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