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Hi cool person,

Know how I know you’re a cool person, because you are on my website and this place is only for cool people. Anyways this is my continuous recipe and meal idea blog. I’m going to be adding to it every week. So feel free to try some out and share with your friends. I would love some feedback too, so let me know how they are tasting when you get a chance. So I can improve things.

Obviously your here to improve your health and fitness by getting some recipe and meal ideas. Good for you, keep up the good work. I’m going to let you in on some key information I use with clients. I don’t tell my client to use calorie counting or unsustainable fad diets etc. I will show you here what works best for longterm practical change and positive body transformation. This will help you build lean strong muscles and burn more fat over time and keep the results.

How to prepare a meal using your hands. Your hands match the size of you, its specific to your body. They are portable so no need to bring a weighing scales with you like when you are calorie counting. This is a general basic guide for the average sedentary 60kg woman- 80kg man. This is usually looked at after the basics are mastered.

  • 1-2 Palms of protein rich foods

Meats, chicken turkey, beans, tofu, 

  • 3-4 Handfuls of fibrous vegetables (except for potatoes)

Brocolli, salads, carrots, peas, cabbage, onions.

  • 1-2 Cupped handfuls of carb-rich foods (around physical activity)

Any potatoes, rice (optimal), pasta, bread,  couscous, grains etc.

  • 1-2 Thumbs of Healthy Fats

Coconut, extra virgin olive oils, high fat cheese, nuts, avocado.

You can also add in 1 shake or side of fruit depending on goals ie weight gain or sports performance.

Now you can eat 3 times a day or 6 times a day depending on goals, preference, body type and lifestyle too.

Now you need to focus on a few other things to help your transformation.

  • Be in tune with your hunger signals.
  • Exercise with strength, cardio and movement training.
  • Be generally active.
  • Eat when hungry not bored craving or rushed, make time and prepare.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the experience.
  • Eat your 5-10 servings of fruits and veg a day
  • Eat to the point of satisfaction not uncomfortable fullness.
  • Eat mostly a variety of minimally processed whole foods.
  • Minimise highly process sugary packaged foods.
  • Eat and drink with family and friends at your favourite restaurants to celebrate life events and be socialise.
  • Manage stress with walking, meeting friends, meditation, yoga, or music.
  • Improve sleep habits to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep by using a sleep ritual.
  • Create and practice a positive mindset to be successful in all aspect of life.
  • Don’t look for perfection look for improvement.
  • Practice positive self-confidence talk.
  • Learn that your daily habits shape your future reality.
  • Find support to help you be accountable for your actions.
  • and more.

These are a lot of things to handle alone and all at once. Don’t be overwhelmed. We can help you be the happiest most confident version of yourself by losing the stubborn fat for good not just for a few weeks and transforming your life through better habits forever. Are you interested in being coached to your ultimate life and body transformation and form the lifelong habits like the ones above to be the best version of you.

I have a program that can be personalised just for you click here and apply for a consultation to see if we can work together

If not just enjoy the recipes below.


salad pomagranate

The Wanderlust Salad

“This is a lovely light summer salad perfect for eating in the garden sun. Made with soft goats cheese, fresh juicy sweet pomegranate, crunchy walnuts and balsamic vinegar on a bed of tender fresh spinach and little gem lettuce”

(serves 1 person but just double if serving 2 and so on)


2 big handfuls of spinach chopped, 3 little gem lettuce leaves chopped (can use any preferred  leaves), 1 handful of walnuts, 1 palm-size cut of goats cheese diced (or any soft cheese), 1/4 of a pomegranate (or chopped apple), drizzle of balsamic vinegar (or mayo).

To prepare

  • Throw all ingredients into a large bowl and mix that is it.
  • Serve on its own or with bacon and eggs like I did below for brunch.

unnamed (6)









Remember to eat with purpose, chew slow and enjoy every bite like its your last. This will help you build a good habit and eat less over time helping you get lean and healthy.


Squashetti & Chicken Stir Fry

“Iv never felt so full and satisfied yet lighter and full of energy. With a spaghetti alternative in the form of spiralised squash, crunchy spinach leaves and leftover chicken breasts seasoned to perfection”

(serves 1 person but just double if serving 2 and so on)


1 packet of bright orange squashetti (or make it yourself), 1 handful of spinach 1 red onion diced, 3 cloves of crushed garlic, leftover meat (or any freshly cooked meat), sea salt & pepper, coconut oil.

To prepare

  • Preheat a pan or wok, and add 2 thumbs of coconut oil.
  • Add the diced onions and crushed garlic. Let it cook.
  • Add the fresh spinach and let it fry.
  • Add the packet of squashetti let it cook for 10 mins on medium heat until the squashetti is soft, make sure to mix the food to mix the flavours together.
  • Add the leftover meat like roast chicken or any already cooked meat.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste mix and cook for another 2-5 minutes.
  • Serve with a sprinkle of some soy sauce or chilli sauce

Enjoy and remember to really transform your lifestyle and body you need to commit to at least 12 months of structured yet 100% doable habit changes not focusing on any more than 1 habit per 2 weeks until it is mastered. Combine this with physical activity and exercise. In a year you can master 26 solid positive habits that will improve your life and most definitely transform your body forever.



Greek Super-food Snack

“A quick tasty super-food snack with balanced nutrition and craving killing superpowers. This is smooth thick Greek yogurt topped with milled chia seeds, juicy blueberries, sweet honey, crunchy walnuts and seasoned with aromatic cinnamon”s


(serves 1 person but just double if serving 2 and so on)

2 table spoons of Greek yogurt, 2 tea spoons of chia seeds (or any seeds), 5 blue berries (or any berries), a tea spoon of honey (or not) 4 ,walnuts (or any nut), and a sprinkle of cinnamon (or nutmeg or nothing).

To prepare

  • In a bowl add the ingredients in the order above and that’s it.

Eat and enjoy for lunch or as a night time snack instead of chocolate. Remember success is a lot less complicated than you think. Make sure you are just consistent, patient and prepared. Exercise and eat well.










Tasty Veggie Rice

“Rice doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Try this exciting tasty and colourful rice next time you are making a curry or something like that.


(serves 1 person but just double if serving 2 and so on)

2 Cupped handfuls of basmati rice dry, 1 carrot chopped, half a red onion chopped, 3 crushed cloves of garlic, 1 handful of chopped broccoli, 1 cupped handful of chickpeas. 2 Thumbs of coconut oil.Curry powder, sea salt and paprika,

To prepare

  • In a hot pot add the coconut oil, melt and add the onions and garlic cook for a bit, and then add the rice dry, cook and mix together, even burn ever so slightly this get the flavor from the garlic and onions into the rice.
  • Then add the sea salt, curry powder, and paprika mix around.
  • Add in the water now but be careful of splash back from the hot pan.
  • Add the carrots and broccoli the put a lid on the pot but leave it off slightly
  • Let it cook and add water if needed.
  • Cook until rice is soft to your taste
  • Add more sea salt of needed
  • Boil until water is absorbed by the rice
  • Add in the chick peas and mix together serve and enjoy on its won or with a curry or grilled chicken

Remember try eat most of your calories and high carbohydrates foods around an activity like the gym or long walks to make sure you using up the energy your eating.

Chicken & Cat Shoe nuts

Or in Thai (kai phad med ma muang)

“If your sick of chicken and broccoli this will satisfy all your needs”

(Serves 1 so x by how many meals you want)


A handful of chicken breast sliced thin, Half an onion diced, 1 peeled and crushed clove of garlic, 7 cashew nuts, shallow fried, 2 spring onions cut 1 inch apart, 1 large red dried chilli cut into pieces & shallow fried, 1 tbs of olive oil, ¼ cup of chicken stock, 1 tsp of tapioca flour mixed with 2 tsp of water, Sauce mix- 1 tbs of oyster sauce, ½ tbs of soy sauce, ½ tsp of sugar.

To prepare

  • Heat the oil on a wok until hot
  • Add the garlic, onion and wait 30 seconds, then add the chicken stir and cook for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add the sauces.
  • Then the cashew nuts and the spring onions, the tapioca flour and stir to combine.
  • Serve with rice maybe and the fried chillies as a garnish.


Fried Minced Pork with Holy Basil

“A very tasty dish that keeps you satisfied and will have your meat bursting with flavour”


½ minced pork/chicken, turkey, beef or tofu, ½ an onion thinly sliced, 2 cloves of garlic crushed, 4 small chillies, stem removed and crushed, 20 holy basil, basil leaves., 2-4 tbsp of water or chicken stock, 1 tbs of olive oil, Sauce- 1 tbs of oyster sauce, 1 tsp fish sauce, ¼ tbs of black soy sauce, pinch of sugar.

To prepare

  • Heat coconut oil in a wok medium heat
  • Add garlic, wait 5 seconds and add the minced pork/meat Stir until cooked, about 2 minutes.
  • Add the onion and chillies and stir
  • Add the water then the sauce mix Stir again and add the basil leaves.
  • Cook for about 1-2 minutes and remove from heat.
  • Serve with rice if you like.


Pad Thai

“The most famous dish in Thailand and my favourite. I had this almost every day when I was travelling there for 2 months”


1 handful of rice noodles (or any), 1 Crushed clove of garlic, 1 palm of firm tofu, 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1 handful of bean sprouts, ¼ cup of water, 1 stalks of chives cut in to 2-inch sizes., Season with roasted peanut and chilli powder as you like, Sause 1 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of tamarind juice, 1 tbp of soy/fish sauce


  • Prepare a hot wok with olive/coconut oil
  • Add the tofu and garlic and cook until browned
  • Add the noodle followed by the water
  • Stir and wait until the noodles are soft about 1-2 minutes and turn the heat low.
  • Add the sauces turn up the heat to medium and cook for another minute.
  • Remove the noodles to the side plate.
  • Add the chives and bean sprouts to the noodles on the side plate.
  • Add a little more oil then add the beaten egg to the pan to form an omelette. Then ad the side plate noodles and chives etc to the omelette and fold over. If it’s not messy you are 1 in a million. If it is no problem, it will still taste great.

Delicious Red Curry With Chicken

“A seriously flavoursome dinner for anyone that likes a bit of zinga to there food”


1 cup of coconut milk. 1 handful of thinly sliced chicken breast, 1 large eggplant stem removed cut into 8 pieces.

5 whole small eggplants1/2 a red large chilli, sliced. 1 kaffir lime leaf stem removed torn into pieces

5 sweet basil leaves

¼ cup of pineapple thinly sliced (optional)

1 tbls of red curry paste.

Sauce 1 tbp of fish/soy sauce

½ tbp of sugar


  • Heat the coconut milk to boil in a pan over medium heat
  • When the oil separates out from the milk add the curry paste and sauces.
  • Stir for 1 minutes and add the chicken.
  • Add the eggs plants & kefir lime leaf and add the pineapple
  • Add a bit more of the sauce if you have any leftover
  • Cook for 2ish minutes on low heat until its all cooked
  • Add the chillies and sweet basil leaves then remove from the heat and serve with rice if you like.


Massaman Curry


Handful of cubed chicken breast, 1 small potato peeled, boiled and cut into cubes same size as the chicken.

1 cup of coconut milk, tbp of coconut oil, 1 tbp of massamam curry paste bought or home made

2 cardamom pods, 1 bay leaf, 1 piece of cinnamon roasted.

Sauces 1 tbp of fish sauce, tamarind juices and sugar

To prepare

  • Combine all sauces and set aside, Heat the oil on a sauce pan over low heat, and add the curry paste, fry for 1 minute.
  • Add the chicken and cook until the outside turns white.
  • Add the coconut milk and cook for two minutes.
  • Add the potato and simmer for 5 minutes
  • Add the sauce mix and simmer for a further 1 minute
  • Remove from heat and serve garnished with cardamom, bay leaves and cinnamon.



recipes to come

IMG_0155 (1)








My favorite healthy snacks (3)
























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