Hey, I’m on a mission to help 10 PEOPLE GET FIT AT HOME in 2020 

drop 2-5 stone and build a healthy, fit and impressive physique


Stephen here, I have been a personal trainer since 2013 working with thousands of clients and their fitness goals. I also used to be overweight, weak and stuck in a rut. I tried every diet and fitness plan known to man. Then I decided to study and learn how to get real, significant, lasting results for myself and then eventually to help others do the same.

My motto for training people is KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and try build life long habits live a healthy, fitter and better life.


If you want a structured training program, solid guidance on what to eat with delicious recipes, world class support and accountability then book a FREE consultation call NOW below to see if I can help you get the results you need.  

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“I help frustrated people finally stop the bull shit and start living a confident, happier life by radically transforming their lifestyles & bodies for good.


With no strict diets or crazy fitness regimes”


Combined with super coaching strategies to help you easily develop healthy eating habits & a winners mindset & lifestyle.

These are some of our clients. Check them out click here? Past Clients

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Unfortunately, the world is full of terrible fad diets, bad exercise regimes from businesses that don’t give a shit about your results, health & safety and just want your money.

Who especially do we work with…

Those who are frustrated with failing to make real progress that lasts. There is absolutely no reason why you should not have the body of your dreams and live the life you deserve. The people that do, are not superheroes or have any magic life hacks, they have the same 24 hours as you do. The main difference is that they have a great mindset to achieve their goals by improving their habits.

We can tackle your psychology, fitness and nutrition head-on in a way that won’t disrupt your life or cause you to feel overwhelmed and give up like most fad diets/programs would after a few weeks.

I’m not gonna lie to you it’s not gonna be easy but I will make things so do-able that you will 100% be able to complete everything I ask of you even if you obly get 50% done thats still progress. This is the key to consistency. The key to anything in this life worth having is being consistent at least 50% of the time. Lets build your mindset and physique to give you solid confidence.


WARNING: We do not work with people who want a quick fix. We specialise on working towards a healthy consistent lifestyle with habit focused mentoring, help people build confidence, self-efficiency and to radically improve physical appearance. We rather teach a person how to fish and not just hand them the catch.


How it works

  • You tell us what you want to achieve and we guide you on how to reach it and more.
  • We guide support and motivate you through the ups and downs helping you focus on and master good habits, we use advanced super coaching strategies to deal with all the bumps in the road you will face.
  • You live a fitter, more confident, healthy and happy life.

The Process

  • If we agree to work together on your goals then you will receive a welcome email to get started.
  • You will have access to our slick easy to use fitness mentoring app called (The Shape Up Mentor app). Where you can watch, listen or read the lessons you need to follow your program.
  • We show you goal setting, your training programs and how to follow but also give you the ability to make it harder or easier, tasty recipes, shopping lists, how to cook and prepare meals in advance, plans on how to sleep better, manage stress, set your mind to success mode for courage and motivation to do what you need to do and push your boundaries.
  • Then go on and follow your program as best you can and we provide professional support.
  • You will be emailed to fill out forms like food diaries, how you feel when eating, and other forms as necessary throughout your program.
  • Programs are developed to make you happier in your skin, stronger, leaner, more flexible, less prone to injury, improve posture and muscle imbalances but most importantly help you feel in control of your body and life. If you don’t enjoy anything we change it.





I was overweight and unhappy. Safe to say after the training in the gym, changing my eating habits and lifestyle, some self-development & working on myself I grew into pretty confident chap and married LITERALLY the woman of my dreams.

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Just to mention I have  7 years experience working in the fitness industry with qualifications in Habit Based Nutritional Coaching, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Life Coaching

& more…


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“If you are lacking in confidence, build yourself physically and mentally, We can build the perfect program to help you today”


This is for people that want to transform physically and mentally to master real progress, learn and get results long-term. 


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