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Get Great Shaped Arms

Why Bicep Curls Are Not Great & What’s Much Better


For a man, a real look of masculinity and dominance is having big arms. Girls like them because when you put your arm around them they feel safe, secure and proud to be under them.

When girls have toned strong arms, they are more likely to have a lot less giggle and a lot more tone and definition which looks great in dresses or vest tops. Giving them the attractive confidence to bare all.

NO MORE BINGO WINGS LADIES a great example is Michelle Obama.



Onto the good stuff

When you go to the gym I want you to drop the dumbbells and start doing…


  • Pull-ups
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Push-ups,
  • Dips
  • Shoulder presses.




These are big compound upper body exercises and they use much more energy because they use much more muscle and effort to do the exercises.  Therefore, burning more fat and growing more muscle.

So it makes perfect sense that doing these exercises are far more effective than just doing a few curls (isolation exercise) working a small owl muscles. You may say but all the gym people in great shape do them at the gym.

This is probably at the end of the training session after they work the big exercises or for bodybuilders who are specifically trying to build a certain look. Or just people who don’t know better.





These BIG compound exercises actually train your core too and other major muscle groups too. So, you are getting much better value for effort here.


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How to Get Motivated This Summer:

 5 Tips 

No matter who you are in this world we all get low on motivation from time to time. Or is it that we all only get super motivated from time to time and most of the time we are struggling to find the motivation to go for the goals?

I have put together my top 5 top tips that are sure to get you super motivated plus…

1 golden tip to stay motivated.

Watch a Movie:











Yes, it’s that simple. When I was a kid I was obsessed with “Rocky” the boxing movie. The fact that the character Rocky Balboa was poor and a total underdog down on his luck got into amazing shape and clawed his way to success in boxing motivated me. Even if it was only a storey, things like this really happen.

Even Sylvester Stallone’s documentary of his life trying to get the movies onto the big screen was even more inspiring than the movie itself. There is something really inspiring about seeing the underdog be successful.

This made me think well if he can do it then so can I. Not that boxing success is my goal or yours but seeing someone work so hard and push the body to its limits gets you get motivated.

Look At Photos:

Blank, Brainstorming, Business, Company

A scroll through Facebook and seeing a photo at an event you were at recently can spark a feeling in you that will make you feel bad about your appearance which can motivate you to start exercising and eat well.

We all have a picture in our heads of how we look. When we see a photo and it doesn’t match the picture in our head it can fuel an inspiration to start improving, marking the beginning of a lifestyle change and body transformation.

Hire a Good Trainer Or Get Gym Buddy:

Wall Ball, Crossfit, Grunge


As a trainer, I can get unmotivated just like you, working or taking care of the family can be stressful. Being so busy looking after everyone else you do forget or are too tired to take care of your own fitness and health.

Recently I got myself a trainer to keep me accountable and push me in the gym. The fact that I have to check in and do an assessment every 2 weeks with him means I don’t want to fall off track and if I do I’m back on it almost straight away. Not mentioning the great guidance and motivation you get from somebody making it their job to help you succeed.

Think of The Future:


Regret is a terrible feeling. I remember watching a video online of a man on his deathbed speaking his last words. He was giving advice to a younger man. I think it was his son and the advice was…

“Laugh more, Love more, Worry less, Have no regrets & spend time with loved ones as much as possible”

This made me develop a fear of regret. It’s a horrible feeling. However, it motivated me and it can motivate you. Procrastination is the killer of all success. So, when you stop making excuses and just start and keep going using the fear of regret to motivate you, you’ll succeed.

I mean imagine there is no heaven, no second life, no reincarnation and we just die when we die and there is no more after this. Do you really want to waste even a day being alive in this beautiful world? F**k that lets smash every day as if it’s our last.

Do what you want and crush fear with the courage to steamroll through it head on.

Book a Holiday:





This is my favourite and it’s probably yours too. Nothing sparks a bit of motivation for getting in shape, looking fitter and leaner than booking a holiday. Weather its Ibiza, Thailand, Miami, L.A or even London in summer we want to be in peak physical shape when we strut our stuff on the beach.


Do you agree? This one ties in with number two as the thoughts of walking around the beach not feeling or looking our best gives us the fear of regret. Therefore, helping us push that little bit harder in the gym being more active in general and skipping the junk food snacks we might have usually in the day.


(1 Golden Tip To Stay Motivated)

Draw out your goals and pin a picture of your ideal body on your bedroom wall.



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