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Health & Fitness Is Not For You


I realised after spending 5 years of my life as a personal trainer learning about health & fitness that “IT WASN’T FOR ME” I studied and spent so much time, effort and money on personal training doing numerous health & fitness related courses.


Before you start thinking I’m being negative just keep reading.


I suffered a lot as a teenager with confidence issues because I was fat. A time came when I was about 15 years of age when I said enough was enough. I needed to start living my life and stop feeling so self-conscious and anxious. One day I was looking in the mirror holding my rolls of fat saying why is this here. I wanted to cut it off I was so frustrated and oblivious as to why I was this way. Why I couldn’t feel comfortable in my clothes or in public situations


The day came when I looked for help. I asked for health & fitness magazines for my birthday. The ones with the lads on the front cover with solid 6 packs and massive arms. I read these with more enthusiasm than any school book. That same year I asked for a boxing bag and a set of weights for Christmas. I sat in my kitchen almost every night pumping iron and boxing in the garden because I wanted to be like Rocky from the movie.


As I studied more and more about nutrition and fitness I learned a lot about diseases and injuries and how much can be prevented and substantially reduced by leading a healthier lifestyle. This made me really focus on sharing my new knowledge and advice with my family.


I would have annoyed them with facts or lectures on certain subjects like smoking, alcohol and obesity. I actually did that so much that my family slowly but surely became healthier and more conscious of certain food choices. My mam and sister quit smoking, we all started to eat less processed junk food and more whole food fruits and vegetables, actually cared about drinking enough water and even exercised together.



When I saw my family change their habits and feel better. I realised that health and fitness wasn’t for me. It was for the ones I loved. When you see your mother or father improve their health and fitness you feel damn good and happy that they are increasing their lifespan but more importantly the quality of life they are living. I can only imagine what they feel when they see me, their son leading a healthy, happy life with good fitness levels.


Of course, we all look to the future and when I do I think of having a family, this is built into us. What motivated me most is to be strong, fit and healthy for my future wife, kids & family. To be strong enough to protect my family & my wife. To be a role model for my kids to lead a healthy, fit life too. If I see someone I love sick or unhappy it breaks my heart. So, I don’t want to break anyone’s heart that loves me by being sick or unhappy myself.

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Health & Fitness Is Not For You.

It’s for the people you love most in this world. Do your best not to break your families’ hearts and keep yourself well, happy and fit by leading a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading make sure to share with the ones you love and help them make a change for the best


Start with changing 1 basic small easy habit every for 2 weeks

It could be

  • eating slowly
  • drinking 8 glasses of water per day
  • eating more veg with meals
  • smoking less each week
  • drinking less alcohol
  • walking for 20 minutes a day
  • taking time to rest and unwind
  • taking the stairs rather than lifts
  • setting goals like 5km walks/jogs
  • joining a social group
  • playing more with the grand/kids
  • reading books on self-development

Give yourself a year to nail the basics and you’ll be just fine.

If after a year you can do these 4 things consistently you are in a unique 5% of the first world’s population. Yes, only 5% of the world does these 4 things consistently.

  1. Intently exercise for 30 minutes 4 days per week
  2. Eat 5 portions of vegetables and fruits a day
  3. Don’t smoke at all or abuse alcohol regularly
  4. Get 7-8 hours good sleep per night

If you think all of this is too difficult to do alone or you just want some guidance. I provide a service for people that want to radically improve their lifestyle, health and fitness to lead a more confident, happier life. I train people at my gym or online only. Meaning I can guide you anywhere in the world on your own terms and times that suit you.


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