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Lesley Clarke

My name is Lesley and I wanted to build my confidence in the gym. I found Stephen extremely approachable and I connected a trust and friendship with him immediately.

Stephen is so knowledgeable and is very kind and generous with his knowledge, as he is helping me become a personal trainer after I fell in love with fitness.

I also wanted to improve my strength and grow my upper arms and Stephen designed a program to directly do what I wanted. I did not want to lose any weight just build muscle and with Stephen’s help, I achieved that.

I would highly recommend Stephen as a personal trainer and coach as in my opinion he is superb.

Amie O’Brian

I started training with Stephen to help tone up my body and improve my training. I had been in gyms before doing loads of cardio and wondering why I didn’t have that toned and muscular body. I haven’t looked back since training with Stephen.

Weights were always something I would have shied away from but with Stephens help I’ve lifted weights I didn’t even know I could lift. I’ve gone from 30kg deadlifts to 100kg lifts… it’s crazy and wouldn’t have been possible without Stephens help and guidance. My next aim is to get 10 pulls ups.

I couldn’t recommend The Shape Up Mentor enough.

Linzi Smith

My name is Linzi. I started training with Stephen when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I wanted to keep strong throughout my pregnancy, also so it won’t be too difficult to lose the baby weight afterwards… hopefully!!

I was a bit apprehensive about going to the gym while pregnant. I wasn’t sure what to do.

I’m so glad I decided to sign up with Stephen, after the first week I already started to feel better and each week feel I have a bit more energy.

Stephen is extremely patient but not afraid to give me a little push when I need it. He is great at giving tips on what to do at home and ideas for healthy eating as well.

I would happily recommend Stephen if you want to Shape-up and make some positive changes!

Cat Cribbin

Recently I joined the gym after years of weight gain and fooling myself that the next fad diet would work. I was fat, unfit and didn’t  know where to start so I spoke to Stephen about personal training, I decided immediately that he was the trainer for me due to his friendly approach, his knowledge and his eagerness to help me reach my goals.

Three months in I’m two and a half stone lighter, I’m fitter, I’m stronger and have completely changed my mindset towards food.

All thanks to Stephen.

 He listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped me with a realistic plan. Even when I’ve picked up injuries he’s been fantastic at adapting my programme so I don’t have to miss out on training.

On days I don’t train with Stephen I have access to the app where I can get support to motivate me or find answers or videos to help me out.

I couldn’t recommend Stephen enough as a Personal Trainer. He’s knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and keeps you focused and motivated to push yourself beyond your own limits.


Hayley Hayes

“I’ve been training with Stephen for a couple of months now as I wanted to lose weight, get fit and feel good, and I feel great.

I’ve had a few injuries that Stephen has worked around and has given me alternative workouts while injured.

Stephen has helped me with my nutrition, which I needed some help with.

I was really nervous about getting doing personal training, and Stephen immediately put me at ease! He’s made training a fun and enjoyable experience for me, and I can’t imagine looking back now.

I couldn’t recommend Stephen enough.”

Shane Smith

I was a reasonably regular gym-goer but always tended to avoid the weight training side of things (particularly upper body). A gym can be a very intimidating environment, so having a friendly face amongst the alpha-driven weight areas is very much appreciated. I trained with Stephen a few times in classes etc so it was a natural progression to move to weight sessions with Stephen when the opportunity arose.

Within 8-10 weeks, I had increased shirt size from muscle gains and had to throw away old clothes that no longer fit comfortably, while also improving upper body strength which I admit was quite weak, to begin with. I appreciate Stephen’s considerable patience to allow his Clients to train and learn without feeling pressurised or embarrassed.

The Nutritional advice is a major plus also, even if simply to debunk some of the myths surrounding what is “healthy” and what foods might not be beneficial in the long term. I was never a fan of crash course diets or punitive military-style boot camps, but if I can stay in reasonably good shape while seeing some overall improvements then that’s fine with me. If I feel I need a good kicking, well Mr ShapeUp can and does oblige!!!! 😉

Whatever your shape or whatever your end goal may be, you won’t go far wrong training with Stephen. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Mooney (Age 30 paramedic)

Best Pt ever so far Iv gone from a size 16 to a size 10 jeans as of today!!!!!!! 90 days to the wedding so can’t wait for the next 90 days.

Stephen worked around my injuries and helped me really enjoy training again. I feel stronger healthier and more confident.

Cathal O’connor (age 23 Laborer)

I have trained with Stephen over the past year. I found him through social media and found his whole attitude to be fantastic, rewarding and innovative.

I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and goal of being the healthiest I’ve ever been in the past year without his help and the personal attention given in my training sessions and in general day to day.

Stephen is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of health and fitness.

I would recommend Stephen in a heartbeat. I also met and trained with a couple of the other people he has worked with who are all delighted with their results and experience with him.

I aim to continue to train, maintain a good level of fitness and train at least 4 times a week without ever being afraid to ask for his help for a long time to come.

Darragh Kennedy

Age 24, Irish teacher

I started training with Stephen and lost 4 stone. I’d reached a point where I was fed up of putting off the training and lifestyle change on the long finger.

It needed to become a priority. I went to meet Stephen nervous as I had never trained with somebody on my own, and I knew within myself that I’d let my health get out of hand.

Stephen immediately put me at ease, never once judged, only encourage and instilled belief that my goals could be reached. Goals were specific to me and were realistic in timeframe. The first week was the hardest I was sore, tired and getting used to a new nutrition plan but after the first week passed each week started to fly by and what originally was to be a 6 week training program became 18 over a few months.
When I didn’t reach a goal Stephen would support me and instilled a resilient mentality in me to bounce back and keep going the next week. Everything was realistic, supported and progressive.

From training with Stephen I’ve gained a whole new outlook as to how I train and live my life. I’m now constantly mindful of nutrition where I didn’t give it the respect it needed before while understanding that there will be days you eat the wrong foods but what Stephen taught me is don’t worry, enjoy it but get back on track then with your training and food plan.

From training with Stephen over a year and a half ago I’ve gained so much more energy than I ever had, gone on to run numerous 5ks which I wouldn’t have dreamed of, gone back to playing Gaelic Football which was a huge personal goal for me and lost weight goals and maintained that weight loss. I’m not where I want to be yet and it’s all a work in progress but I now have the belief in myself that with the knowledge that I’ve gained from first training with and since becoming good friends with Stephen that I can achieve my goals.

I can’t thank Stephen enough for his help originally and since becoming a friend, and anyone who has ever asked me since about personal training there is only one person I’d send them to, Stephen Byrne…get it done, get in contact with him, go for your consultation and you won’t look back !

Shane Doherty

Age 21- Sales assistant

I was always very skinny and weak never really ate much or did weights.

After seeing some of Stephen’s clients getting into great shape I asked him to bulk me up.

I was going away that summer inter-railing across Europe and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable taking my top off in public, swimming and all that.

He put me through tough workouts and I learned a lot about bodybuilding and eating more healthy food.

About 3 weeks into the training I felt much better. Then 6 weeks in we took a picture and both our jaws dropped at the different. My shape was much more built my arms where bigger chest was wider and I felt like a tank.

I actually didn’t even want to go on holiday. I wanted to keep training. I was addicted to training with Stephen cause of the quick results I got with him.

Everyone said I looked much healthier and muscly. Chuffed I was.

I 100% recommend anyone to use him for training and food/supplement knowledge.

Laura Flanagan

Age 30 - business owner

Stephen Byrne was a huge inspiration to me, he offered so much more than just a workout routine, he offered a lifestyle change that was holistic and adapted specifically to suit me and my daily criteria.

He provided motivation and encouraged me to motivate myself.

His targets were both realistic and achievable, and he was always honest about setting goals. His workouts, though tough, were great fun and I don’t think I ever did the same workout twice, he always changed it up and was so creative.He became a great friend and mentor, and I always felt comfortable and could ask him about any aspect of our training, he’s such a lovely guy.He was a body of knowledge, and lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle himself, and wants the very best for his clients always.

I was thrilled with my results, I had battled weight issues for a long time, and tried several diets, gyms, home videos etc… only to end up injured or starving, or both, after a short while.

Stephen got me the results I always wanted, and it was fun and great craic. The 6 months of personal mentoring and fitness training was so valuable to my happiness I wouldn’t know where I would be now without it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Luke Haskins

Age 23 - hotel operative

The thing that makes Stephen the best personal trainer is not that he makes reaching your bodybuilding targets easier, it’s that he gives you the mindset and confidence to make the difference that you never thought you could and go even further!


I have and will keep this gong forever I’m so happy with my fitness

Jenny Das

Age 27- HR generalist

The gym was something I dreaded because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I approached Stephen and signed up after talking with him.

He thought me how to train and eat well and always pushed me to reach my goals!!

I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for a personal trainer, you will learn to love the gym and will look forward to each session.

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